Mark of Athena arrived today. I know, I was surprised, too! Nevermind why, Book Depository almost always releases my pre-orders a week before their actual release: and because it takes sometimes seven days for my local post to sort out the packages, it works fine for me. (Well, with Unspoken it took even longer and I'm still convinced one of the post-people must have read it before it got to me.) But dear BD released Mark of Athena on Monday and it was here on today, on Friday: one of the fastest ever! 

But now I'm faced with the problem that I'll just end up inhaling the book in one sitting and then... I won't have a book to read. Damn. 
And, and, my week has been horrible! I've struggled with a lot of paper work and actually very silly decisions that are going to decide my future. They still give me headaches and what I really need is one of Riordan's masterpieces to curl around! But. I. Must. Resist. The. Temptation. 

So instead I'm going to post a review of Bloodrose, the final installment in Andrea Cremer's mind-blowing trilogy -and it's going to be even more senseless than my review of Wolfsbane. And I'm going to post about Unspoken. It won't be a review, but I love Sarah Rees Brennans' writing too much to not fangirl about it and I need to put my love for Kami to words and shout them at the internet. 

After I've done that, I can start reading Mark of Athena. 

PS. No, I won't talk about Mark of Athena before it releases and probably not right after that either. I'm trying to think when to post about it, but I'll put huge spoiler warnings at the beginning. 

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