MoA Countdown Day TwentySix

Through September I'll post all the things that I’m looking forward to in Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan and sort of hoping/thinking that could happen. A post every day! If I can stay in schedule, it's surely a miracle. 

Of course I hope I'm amusing someone else besides myself and I’d love to hear what you think, if you agree or disagree or if I missed something. Obviously not every thing is going to make the list, since I have exactly 32 things to post. The last one will go up on October 2nd. And if you're wondering, these are not in any special order.

So close now!

26) Jason and Percy meeting each other -at last! 

Imagine having to face these to in a battle! 

They’re so similar, yet so different! Jason’s shyer and he’s more let’s-stay-calm and follow-the-rules. But Percy’s sarcastic and he stood up to Mars when he’d lost his memory. And with Percy having Jason’s job now... Awkward... 
And you bet they'll disagree about how to handle some things. Percy might seem rash at first and Jason too cold. 

It's going to be interesting! The battle on the cover of Mark of Athena looks awesome but I just really want them to get along. 

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