Day four of MoA countdown

Through September I'll post all the things that I’m looking forward to in Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan and sort of hoping/thinking that could happen. A post every day! If I can stay in schedule, it's surely a miracle. 

Of course I hope I'm amusing someone else besides myself and I’d love to hear what you think, if you agree or disagree or if I missed something. Obviously not every thing is going to make the list, since I have exactly 32 things to post. The last one will go up on October 2nd. And if you're wondering, these are not in any special order. 

4) Argo II & Festus 

Am I the only one who cried when Festus broke down in the Lost Hero and Leo asked Hephaestus to take him back to Bunker Nine? Well, that scene just about breaks my heart. 

The whole ship sounds awesome from what we already know and I bet that Leo has a lot of gadgets hidden there somewhere. Plus, it's a flying warship! With a fire-breathing dragon. I don't know what is more awesome than that. 
And I'm excited to find out what the Romans think of the ship. After all, they don't think too highly of Greeks, but this has to impress even them, right? 

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