Hi, this blog is just so that I can flail about awesome books. I adore books and well, the emotions can get overwhelming. 

Updates should be generally once a week - this way I’ll have enough books to review as I can’t always buy as many books as I’d like. If there isn’t an update, something’s gone wrong but it will updated as soon as possible. (Example, my computer has an unfortunate habit of over-heating itself and then nothing works.) 

There are times that I might not update for some time and that’s mainly because I get so discouraged about putting words onto paper and about my own abilities. It is of course, no excuse, but that’s what happens. 

I enjoy in general fantasy books, or paranormal, or urban fantasy or whatever we’re supposed to call some of those categories these days - in my opinion they’re all just fantasy books. (Sorry) 

But I read almost everything and I try not to discriminate, though some kind of books are just a big no-no.

My twitter is @freetheballoons and you can find me there and my tumblr is bitterpurple.tumblr.com - though you might not want to join me there if you're not ready for fangirling. 

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