So, I've been gone for some while... again. But this time it was because it was for an actual real life reason. 

Well that sounded stupid. Let me explain. 

I work at a cafe and there, obviously, you lift stuff and clean the floors, etc. Well, two weeks ago, I pretty much just broke my right arm - not the bone, but there was an infection in the tendon in my arm, which meant that I wasn't allowed to do anything that could strain it - including writing on the computer. Even now, when it's supposedly healed, I can feel it complaining a little. 

I could write a little with my left hand, but I had to be careful because if I used that hand too much, I could get it hurt as well. And writing with just my left hand is so slow.

I hated being away again, but to make up for that, there will be a post today. And tomorrow. And the day after that. Pretty much there will a post every day this week. And then we should be back to normal schedule. 

That's the story. Sorry that I was gone so long, but it was doctor's orders. 

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