Shiny interlude!

Hello lovelies! I've seen a lot of people poking around and hello! Everyone is welcome, please come in! Just take off your shoes, have a seat and would you like a cookie? 

Today's special announcement that we're celebrating is the new theme! YAY for the new shiny theme. I think it's pretty good for someone who knows absolutely nothing about making blogs and/or HTML. So I'm pretty proud of myself. 

The theme is the reason why there was no update on Sunday - I was so caught up in it that I forgot to update. So there was a triple update on Monday. If you haven't read them yet, go check them out, they're about the book of one of my favorite authors, Kelley Armstrong. 

The theme isn't quite done done yet, I'll keep fixing things in the next few days, but I'd been working on this for so long that I had to just put it up. I have very little patience for these things. But oh well, it's up now. 

But the main thing is, that if something doesn't work, let me know! I'll fix it. 

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