Interlude: BOOKS

I actually had another post planned for today, but when I started looking at it, I was just so bored. The text is too long and repeats itself and I just couldn’t fix it. I’m just not in the mood for something that A) makes sense or B) goes in to detail about this or that. 

I’m sorry; two interludes in a row as a regular update must be a little tedious, but. I wanted to give you something and these two interludes are two of the things that have been on top of my mind for a long time. So instead doing a normal review, I went back to this piece and well, here you go! 

If you’ve followed this blog after the start of the new year, you may have noticed a decline in the quality of reviews or that my poor updating habits have gotten poorer. (You haven’t? Oh yay!) 
This is mostly because I’m just not feeling it. Sounds horrible, but I find it harder and harder to get excited about books - for some reason I just feel like every summary I read sounds the same. It’s become weirdly difficult for me to get excited about books. It’s as if I’ve had to force myself to stare at the pages and actually think about the words. Which sucks, because when I’m down or bored or want something fun, the first thing I think about is, what shall I read? And then, when I go for a book, it’s just a big fat “Let’s not do this.” 

This may be because my current situation is also in a... well, not looking so good. I really have to focus on saving money, which means there are few books I can buy - especially difficult when you look at the prices. So I do think I’ll get out of this situation, but it’s a little depressing: to want to read desperately and to have nothing to read. (Or so it seems.) I guess that’s how everyone feels once in a while, but it’s just this huge fight between me wanting to spend on books and then another me going NO.

And I know that other book bloggers also sometimes have the same problem, but I am just a horrible shopper: you have to keep me in a tight leash or else I will spend all my money. As a contrast, during last summer and the beginning of the fall, I spent a lot of money on books. I mean, a lot. I was just going for all the books and yes, that means that there are books that I haven’t reviewed yet, though I have notes on them ready. (But how do you do words?)  

And that’s how we get to the previous problem of just not feeling the books. Everything’s blah.
Right now the only ones that I’m remotely excited about are a part of a series and that feels like cheating? I don’t know either. And I also feel like I only read the same kind of books over and over again. I need to branch out! Start reading some new genres and more different ranges. Not just about vampires and demons. Though I doubt how that’ll actually work. I just love these fantasy elements so much. I’ve never really liked those books with a young girl just moving in to a new city and trying to find new friends. If one of the people she meets isn’t at least a vampire, you might not catch my attention. 

Maybe it would help if I started following more book blogs? I am following only fifty on a regular basis. But maybe that would boost my love up again. I do feel like I read less and less things about books, if we’re not counting twitter. (And when it comes to blogging...) 

Though at this point, I have to remind myself that a few years back I almost didn’t read at all, I was, well, just was. And then, suddenly I was buying one book in a week at least! But that would be before the prices went up. (Before I’d get a paperback for 8-10 euros, now the same books are 12-17 euros. I feel cheated and the need to shake my fist at someone.) 

And that’s the post. Not a very exciting one, but maybe you’ll get a more clear picture about what the hell’s going on in my end. 

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