Interlude: Yet Another Book Arrives!

Thank you for coming to read yet another post about a book arriving here! 

Yet again, Book Depository was lovely and fast with the mail and my local mail didn't fuck up everything. 

The book in question is.... *drum roll* 

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Born of Silence! It's the (checking to make sure) sixth in the League series. I've read other books in the series, too and I will be posting reviews about those and an overview about the series like I did about the Black Dagger Brotherhood. 

If you don't know, the League takes place in space, in a fictional space world and tells the story of various misfits who just happen to know each other! Like in BDB and in Kenyon's other series, Dark-Hunter, the hero and heroine change with every story. You'll notice that I seriously have a thing for series like that. 

But the really, really best part was the bookmark that Book Depository sent with it. 

Can you see it? Ah, not that well, sorry about that. Apparently I'm taking picture only at night, so the lighting is a little meg. But it's a bookmark about space! It's got "Our Solar System" on one side, the one you can see here. The other side isn't pictured, because it isn't as pretty (sorry bookmark), but it's: "Earth-class planets line up" and has these planets in a line and text about them.

But really? This was either the best coincidence ever or someone over at Book Depository really had fun. Thank you either way, it made my day! 

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